Hi, I’m James.

I really enjoy doing things. I’m lucky that I get to solve a wide-range of business problems in my role as a Data Scientist at Xero.

Coming from an Economics/Finance educational background, I had a really strong mathematical base but lacked technical ability. Through self-study, I’ve since learned Python, R and SQL and applied it to a wide-range of real-world projects from time-series forecasting to NLP.

I’ve always actively sought out new opportunities to improve things, which is shown with my success of becoming an Insights Analyst and now a Data Scientist - both roles in a newly created team following my work.

Outside of work, I’m typically out on the rugby field refereeing rugby or out on my motorbikes. I’m passionate about working with data and technology to show the #human side and to change people’s lives.

Feel free to reach out to me at any time!